“Pass or Fail?  How to avoid failure and never fail again.

Today I failed.  Actually I failed before today too, but today I failed and today I am going to tell you the most sure-fire way how to avoid failure in 5 steps:

1) Dream!

2) Never give up!

3) Lifelong learning!

4) Improve!

5) See step 1!

Spoiler alert!  We are going to avoid failure because we are going to try to change our perception of failure and re-define failure in terms of our goals. REDEFINE:   “failure” is not a “stop sign” or “the end of the road”, it is only a “speed bump in the road”.

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100 words blogZ

Day 5

Time ta get reflective again!……Alright, so I have realized that this is one of the biggest challenges of my life so far.  It is to make something great. Not just in my head and my memories as something great, but something that is really great and can live and breathe on its’ own long after me.  Yes a legacy, pretty cliché, but nonetheless completely and positively accurately describing or better yet defining, what I am talking about as something great. I do this for my family, but don’t get it twisted, this is personal. Heisenberg.

100 words blogZ

Day 3

So I am on a roll today cuz I have had a phenomenal couple of weeks.  I wanna reflect!…… J Anyway, some more coding progress has been made and the java script library is beginning to show more similarities to a java script library. Yay! Also, I am way stoked to get crankin on data. How can we set up peer reviewed activities that are based on objective data results? Well, that is the question I am out to answer. EduWeekend coming up in April gonna be interesting pitching a peer reviewed Say a word/Which word did he say? Addit is the answer (is this too long now?)


da Lewis Xperrmints: my storyventure

I am a dad that built a voice recording room for my daughters to communicate with my family back in the US. This room is what I am working on now. Over the last year and a half I have spent time and money turning this idea/project into a full blown software development startup. I have used countless hours developing and learning about entrepreneurialism and along this journey I have also learned a great deal about life, my life.

I am not done, quite the contrary (had to find a good time to write that expression, yay!) and even though it has been a long and hard journey I realize that actually every morning that I wake and get after it, it is really only beginning! Yes, I said it, everyday I wake is a new beginning and new time to make this idea come to life and I do hope that one day soon that it becomes big, big, bigger than life, I know that the true lesson I have learned here is that I will never be finished with my storyventure! I will always be learning and trying to get things done that make my life interesting, make my loved ones life interesting, and make everything just a little bit sweeter to be a part of!

Message: Find out what your storyventure is and never give up on telling it to yourself, to your loved ones, and to the world!

da Lewis Xperrmints: SWEDU – And the beat goes on!

Well, I am completely knackered so this will not be the typical rambling…no, it will be short. It has been a great weekend of building experiments. I was at the Startup Weekend Education in Copenhagen from Friday until Sunday and now just a bit over midnite you get one tired madd founder. Story Venture rocked the scene and won the chance to pitch at EDU Disrupt, and this all happened because of the energy. One thing to remember tomorrow about today: Remember the energy, build the momentum, start a movement!

da Lewis Xperrmints: SWEDU – Just F -expletive- Do It!

Because I am so proper I did not swear in my title above, but funny enough, as Louis C.K. said well just by putting it that way, ya know, just by phrasing F -expletive- as if that hides it makes it not hidden for me and so you might as well have said the word, but now you have gone and made me say it and that is even worse because shame on you, you could have just wrote it. I mean, do I, or you, really believe that it is actually better slash more polite or proper or correct then just saying “Just Fucking Do It!”

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da Lewis Xperrmints – Life: the ultimate challenge

Segue from blogZ…or is it???

As a startup entrepreneur, you have to (uh oh, random thought:  as I am writing this my first thought was to write “u gotta”, but then my pro cap got put on and I started thinking that “No, you gotta write in proper, so u set a good example for your kids, since you do emphasize it soooo much to them about writing properly!” – so anyway, I decided to go for writing entries as proper and writing comments in plain. p.s. if you understood the above random rambling then you are awarded 50 bonus “Cool! U get me!” points.  You can earn more by just continuing to follow the saga that is me)… but I digress.

As a startup entrepreneur, you have to learn a tremendously lot of things and the idea is to be effective in acting upon your learnings.   Read More

100 words blogZ

Day 2
Alright so I am way behind on “da Lewis Xperrrmints”. I set the goal of 100 with meaning per day and that was way too ambitious because as you see I am back 15 days later.  So this 100 words is about seeing how much difference your gift of gab can be influenced positively (and perhaps even your mood and demeanor), if you say 100 meaningful words or words about something meaningful per day. What I found out is that it is difficult to do every day so now it is whenever, but minimum one every week. Let’s get it!

100 words blogZ

Day 1

Okay, so I have been talking about this, no thinking, about this for way too long.  I even warmed up for this moment thru  da Infamus at dubNation, and not that that is done but it is an unfinished chapter that will be revisited later.  Anyway, intro, 100 words blogZ, I gets down like that. It will be fun, it will be interesting, it will be therapeutic, at least for me if not for you. Goal, everyday 100 words spoken with purpose – the story of voicebitz.  “Ramblings of a maddFounder”blinded by his passion to make it happen.

Avengers rocks! Robert Downey cranks dat Iron Man.

Really? RDJr, are you really that cool? Yes! Yes! A resounding “Yes”, you are! At first glance, The Avengers movie was just a really good and legitimate reason to get out with the boys, but “Wow!” that was a fairly righteous piece of Hollywooooood just to be calling it a reason to get out with the boys! If you could hear me now “Loved it!” then you would think Joan Rivers for the older folks or Sharpay for the young folk (oh, did that just date me?).

No matter peeps, I was just in to watch Avengers with a couple of friends in an attempt to revive our “Film Club”.  The last couple of flix of said “Film Club” was the americanized version of “Men Who Hate Women” or more accurately “Man som hattar kvinnor” (Swedish title) also known as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, so as you can see it has been a while since the boys had a meet.  Anyhoooo, the expectations were actually pretty low since we were just looking forward to some good entertainment and knowing the likes of Scarlett and RDJr would be involved then it was a pretty easy win-win situation for us.

First (and last) throw in Gwyneth and the hot Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother) and you are in for 2 hours plus of pure, unadulterated action and laughs. A great balance of loud explosions, futuristic and old school weapons, hotties in hot outfits, a punch line here and a punch line there and of course the great RDJ crankin dat Iron Man like no other can.

What makes Iron Man so great? Other than the fact that RDJr plays Stark so well that an untrained eye like mine makes me wonder if RDJr is indeed a real life Stark just named RDJr who just so happens to act in a movie as himself?!?!?!  Other than the fact that he has got the hottie in Pepper Potts. Other than the fact that he has got the hottie in Pepper Potts. (oh, already said that)

Other than those facts, it is the fact that Iron Man has got all of the great gadgets and toys that all of us, pseudo techie nerds want to have…in our homes…tomorrow!  I mean who doesn’t want to have a computer system that has the answers to everything and can be called up at just the wim of a couple of plain english statements? Anyone?  I thought not!  Oracle, Apple, Microsoft your best bet is to find out if RDJr is really RDJr or Tony Stark because if there is such a thing as a Tony Stark and an Iron Man then iPods, Windows, and cloud databases are a thing of the past.

For now, however, I’m a believer and The Avengers is the real deal and RDJr…”Yooooooouuuuuu – Crank dat Iron Man!”