Exactly as the title implies this is all the thoughts that I can get down in a box.

As you will soon find out, I am a Poet, no, seriously, I graduated from Whittier College which is home of the Poets ;), quirky, silly, and a very serious (insert long dramatic pause here) serious about having fun, kind of guy.  And that is basically what will be poured out in my ramblings and rantings (mostly ramblings).  Enjoy the ride!

The idea is that the blog reads a bit like a story so each post is a new chapter in the life that is mine…kinda.  I hope you will enjoy reading it from start to finish or from finish to start and of course your comments and feedback are appreciated, but completely voluntary.

And here is a bit more about me:  Just a guy with a computer and a blog.  I mean, isn’t that what all the kids are doin?  So watch out, I be bloggin!