Allow me to introduce…Myself! I am a startup entrepreneur and a techie guy with a mission to make happier, healthier kids!

I am fortunate and very happy to have two beautiful, happy, healthy daughters and I wiill try my best with them to give them a life where they are even happier and healthier. On top of that I am going to use what I know and care about, sports and technology, to try to do the same for as many youth in the world that I can.

Now whether directly, or indirectly, applying, or pursuing, sports or technology as a way to make happier, healthier kids is not of consequence. That, which is of consequence, is that I can make a positive impact on the lives of youth. That is important for me and for the startups that I involve myself with. Hmmmm, so I how do I do that because well making happier, healthier kids is like soooo esoteric and immeasurable.

Well, with that said, please allow me to introduce myself again. I am a guy that wants to make happier, healthier kids by being a startup entrepreneur creating a company that will make software that gives kids a chance to learn, teach, grow, and “give back” to the world and community around them.

So for me the why…

I want to make a positive impact on the lives of youth.

And the how…

Learning. Teaching. Sharing. Growing.

is not so hard. The what…

Well, that is the fun adventure that is da Lewis Xperrmints. Join my journey.

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