So, the next in our series of avoiding failure is “Lifelong Learning”. Actually, we can just say “Learning”, but what I have learned through my long life is that in order to survive I must learn all my life long. (secretly laughing at my own, oh so clever wit!)

Seriously, though, being an entrepreneur really, really, really exposes one thing about yourself, or more broadly stated people who are entrepreneurs, and that is how much you, or more specifically stated I, don’t know anything about a lot of things. Yeah, I mean it, there is so much that I just simply DO NOT KNOW, and being an entrepreneur has really made me face that reality and for someone like me (for all those that know me) that is not an easy reality to face, well okay, facing it is not so bad, but to admit it is not so easy. I do know some things, actually I know a lot of things, but WOW! I have learned so much about myself, about business, about technology, about others, a lot about a lot of things while I have been going along this journey of achieving my life’s mission of “Making happier, healthier kids!” and that lot has truly been the biggest challenge of all of being an entrepreneur. That is also the beauty of being an entreprenuer is wanting to conquer that unknown! I believe we all have a little entrepreneur in us and want to conquer something unknown. From when we were a baby we wanted to get up and walk and low and behold here you are up on two legs walking around, you conquered something unknown, you learned how to walk. In other words, if you truly are, or want to be, an entrepreneur then you probably want to conquer some problem (see step 1: The Dream and 2: Never give up!) and you will learn that in order to conquer your why you will need to conquer some of your own stuff first – in even more other words, you are going to have to step up to the plate and learn something about yourself and the world around you and how you can and will really make an impact.

Avoid failure? Well, simple, take your “failed attempts” and learn from them and turn them into “successful attempts”. If you do that then “failed attempts” and everything else is just “warming up” and you will never fail again!

So now we have rounded off our steps of avoiding failure. I am still just a guy writing my random and not so random thoughts into a box and this is mostly therapeutic for me, but I hope that I can help to inspire others and that you can learn from my writing and avoid failure in your future.

Step 3 – Lifelong Learning Summary: In the words of Bill Parcels, “Blame no one. Expect nothing. Do something.” That something is Learn. You do NOT know it all. Embrace learning and never stop learning how to make your dreams come true.

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