I made up a word! I always do that and now I can, in good faith, do it in print that will go out to the entire world! (Well, at least that is how it plays out in my illusions of grandeur :=)

This is a pre-warning message to get you warmed up for the style of writing that is to come, but first thing is first.  Disclaimer:  When I write, and as you will read, I will talk about myself because I find myself interesting to talk about and I know quite a bit about the subject and I also learn quite a bit about the subject like…all the time.  So what I decided to do was to include in the beginnings of my writings an Intro.  The idea of the Intro was to allow me a special time and space to talk about me and what makes me me and what made me want to talk about what I was about to talk to people about in the coming pages.

What I found though was that I needed more space and time to write about that so I made up a new section and word:  “Pre-Prologue”.  This is in every angle, aspect, perspective, abuse and misuse of the English or any other language is just sooo wrong that it could of course be argued and debated is correct.  This, the Pre-Prologue, however is merely an example of what is to come and that is that communication is individual and universal.  Some will totally understand what I am talking about here while others might think WTF (why the face)?

Either way, no matter what, everyone will be better communicators by reading these pages.

With that said if you are still with me and understand that this will be one heck of a ride then I will segue into the prologue.

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