Segue from blogZ…or is it???

As a startup entrepreneur, you have to (uh oh, random thought:  as I am writing this my first thought was to write “u gotta”, but then my pro cap got put on and I started thinking that “No, you gotta write in proper, so u set a good example for your kids, since you do emphasize it soooo much to them about writing properly!” – so anyway, I decided to go for writing entries as proper and writing comments in plain. p.s. if you understood the above random rambling then you are awarded 50 bonus “Cool! U get me!” points.  You can earn more by just continuing to follow the saga that is me)… but I digress.

As a startup entrepreneur, you have to learn a tremendously lot of things and the idea is to be effective in acting upon your learnings.  
Well, I can attest that this can be, is, and will never fail to be the biggest challenge for a startup entrepreneur no matter how seasoned, practiced, experienced, or well-traveled you are.  I say this because I believe that Life is the ultimate startup venture that we all have been chosen to take on.  We all as individuals in life, as a functioning human being, must learn vastly many things to survive and depending on how effectively we act upon our learnings determines how our life is led…or not, for that matter.  Yeah, pretty lofty talk, but nonetheless true. So in the name of the startup entrepreneur, I say that my biggest challenge is my life and how that fits with my dreams of creating a tech startup. Right, okay.  Well (spoiler alert, I reveal my point now) the thing that challenges me most is also the thing that drives me to continue to learn, it is the thing that motivates me to do more, this thing is also the thing that I live for – my wife, my kids, my family – my life, myself.  Ahhh, so the sooner you learn that you are doing this for your self, because I hereby (warning: ramble ahead) wish to make it publicly (if you say it on the internet then it is public) known that the first reason I am creating this tech startup is to prove to myself that I can. I am basically calling myself out and saying “Put up or shut up!” And I don’t really do “Shut up!” so it basically left me with getting and staying on the grind. So the sooner we can learn  and can identify why what we learned is important to survival then the sooner we will be able to learn how to live life to its fullest – individually and together.

So, my challenge to you dear reader/listener/captive:  Solve that mystery.

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