100 words blogZ

Day 12

5000 Bonus “Cool! U get me!” points for understanding the last two 100 words blogZ.  I look back and wonder myself.  So, there are some things that I of course keep private and yet a great many other things that I leave or put right out in front of everyone. Something to think about:  It’s amazing how easy it is to connect to the whole world and yet your connection is oh so amazingly small.

100 words blogZ

Day 10

Oh, did I mention that the 100 words blogZ is meant to be 100 words long, but actually…no, wait, but it actually can be anything from 0 to 100 words long.  So I could stop…now, but I won’t stop…now. Yes I will.

100 words blogZ

Day 9

Creativity or lunacy:  Ramblings of a maddFounder is exactly that. Not an Acronym.  We believe madd is like silly crazy, meaning that you are just so silly that you’re crazy. Yes, I know that doesn’t really explain it better, I know, I know, but the point is this.  Everyone with a big idea or dream or fantasy is a little bit madd, because you have to be just silly enough to think of something so wild and great and then be crazy enough about making it happen to make it happen. That is the way I see the maddFounder.

100 words blogZ

Day # Something way past the day I thought it was

This is going to be long so get comfortable, dear reader.

VoiceBitz, or in other words, me, myself and I! I missed the application deadline for semi-finalists for the OEC today!  Actually yesterday, and although, yesterday I was feeling positive about getting done in time, it is today that I realized that it was a BIG, FAT FAIL!!!  How could I have done this? Well, actually, I know exactly how I could have done this and I am so upset with myself. Ah, but the ultimate optimist reminds us to look forward and do something about something that still can be done.

(editors note:  this blogZ was used in a longer blog series about failure.  see also: “Pass or Fail? How to avoid failure and never fail again.“)

100 words blogZ

Day 5

Time ta get reflective again!……Alright, so I have realized that this is one of the biggest challenges of my life so far.  It is to make something great. Not just in my head and my memories as something great, but something that is really great and can live and breathe on its’ own long after me.  Yes a legacy, pretty cliché, but nonetheless completely and positively accurately describing or better yet defining, what I am talking about as something great. I do this for my family, but don’t get it twisted, this is personal. Heisenberg.

100 words blogZ

Day 3

So I am on a roll today cuz I have had a phenomenal couple of weeks.  I wanna reflect!…… J Anyway, some more coding progress has been made and the java script library is beginning to show more similarities to a java script library. Yay! Also, I am way stoked to get crankin on data. How can we set up peer reviewed activities that are based on objective data results? Well, that is the question I am out to answer. EduWeekend coming up in April gonna be interesting pitching a peer reviewed Say a word/Which word did he say? Addit is the answer (is this too long now?)

100 words blogZ

Day 2
Alright so I am way behind on “da Lewis Xperrrmints”. I set the goal of 100 with meaning per day and that was way too ambitious because as you see I am back 15 days later.  So this 100 words is about seeing how much difference your gift of gab can be influenced positively (and perhaps even your mood and demeanor), if you say 100 meaningful words or words about something meaningful per day. What I found out is that it is difficult to do every day so now it is whenever, but minimum one every week. Let’s get it!

100 words blogZ

Day 1

Okay, so I have been talking about this, no thinking, about this for way too long.  I even warmed up for this moment thru  da Infamus at dubNation, and not that that is done but it is an unfinished chapter that will be revisited later.  Anyway, intro, 100 words blogZ, I gets down like that. It will be fun, it will be interesting, it will be therapeutic, at least for me if not for you. Goal, everyday 100 words spoken with purpose – the story of voicebitz.  “Ramblings of a maddFounder”blinded by his passion to make it happen.


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